LukeTypingPro Update 1.5

Update version of LukeTypingPro 1.5 has been launched.

As you know that Luke typing pro is specially designed Hindi-English Typing Software for competition exams like IA, LDC, SSC, Railway, COPA, etc..We have already released from version 1.1 to 1.4 before this update..And after getting your feedbacks, we are updating our software according to your needs. So Here is LukeTypingPro update version 1.5

So Some new features are added in this new version 1.5

(1) As you know in exam , they require net wpm. So Now you have Net wpm(word per minute) count for your practice. Net wpm formula is following :

Net wpm= Total words you typed – Wrong words you typed

(2) You have a new “exit” button for coming out of software directly.

(3) Now you can change your Paragraph view to Line to Line view by just clicking a single check box. In most of the exams ..Typing matters come in Line to Line view.


(4) Some practice sets have been updated.

Thanks for Updating LukeTypingPro 1.5 (Hindi-English typing software)

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