Online Typing Test with LukeTypingPro UPDATE 1.7

Hello Friends. Here we are announcing LukeTypingPro Update 1.7 for you. LukeTypingPro(Hindi-English learning software) has give 6 updates before. Last Update was 1.6 . This update having very special feature for You. That is “Online Typing Test”. Yes You read right. Now you can give a mock online typing test in Hindi and English Both.

First of All Download the latest version 1.7 from here.

In Trial Version, You can give maximum 3(three) Online Mock Typing Test.

Steps For Giving Online Typing Test :

(1) After Downloading the software, Click on “Online Test button” to start online test in hindi or english.

online mock typing test button

(2) Press Yes to confirm.


(3) 15 minutes timer will be start. Now type and give the test for 15 minutes.

luketypingpro fifteen minute test

(4) After completing 15 minutes, Software will ask for submitting the result. Click on Ok.

luketypingpro timeover

(5) Enter your details (Mobile number is optional) and submit the result.

luketypingpro submit

(6) You will be redirected to a webpage where the result will be displayed of you and other students who have already given the same test. You can check your position among them.

mockonlinetest resultpage

(7) After submitting the first test, you can see your roll number for all the test on the home page of the software.

luketypingpro searcresult

luketypingpro rollnumber

(8) Click on “see your old results” to watch your previous results on result page.

luketypingpro oldresults

So we think this is the Perfect solution for giving Online Typing Test in Hindi and English.

You can check all typing tutorial videos from Here.

One thought on “Online Typing Test with LukeTypingPro UPDATE 1.7

  1. Dinesh Daiya

    I tried to buy luke typing pro for 599 rs. But I dont find validity for 599 rs. Will you suggest how long luke typing pro work full function after paying 599 rs.

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